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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  September 19, 2017 7:30pm-8:00pm PDT

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>> were you nervous watching it? >> um, no. i'm excited. >> reporter: opening up to "e.t." about her netflix documentary, "gaga 5'2"," the film explores how she copes with the condition. fibromyalgia is an illness characterized by chronic pain, excessive fatigue, and there is no known cause. but gaga says her pain is not just physical. she suffers from mental illness, too. >> paranoia, fear, body pain, anxiety. >> reporter: last year, the singer revealed she suffers from ptsd after being raped at 19 years old. the assault was the basis of her oscar-nominated song "till it happens to you." ♪ till it happens to you >> reporter: gaga hopes that by continuing to be so honest, others suffering won't feel alone. >> i want people that watch it that think that there's though way that i live that way because they see me dance and sing to know that i struggle with things like them. we have to stick together.
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>> she certainly is being brave. meanwhile, tom cruise is speaking out about his health. talking to our carly steele about the stunt that sent him crashing into the side of a building on the "mission impossible" set. >> how are you doing? >> great. >> reporter: tom was upbeat and supercharming, despite the fact that he recently underwent surgery for a broken ankle. here's how it happened. cruise was on location jumping between buildings last month in london, filming the sixth "mission impossible" movie. the actor's injury is healing. >> when we do "mission" i will -- i'm going to tell you all about it. >> for this. no, i was just saying -- >> no, i know. i know. and i really appreciate the warmth that i received and the well wishes. and i'm doing really well. we're going the be shooting. next -- you know, in the few weeks. rolling. >> reporter: at the moment, tom is focused on "american made." the film is based on an true story, and in it, tom plays
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pilot barry seal, his character teams up with the cia for an undercover job in south america. >> sit legal? you're doing it for the good guys. >> you're cheeky in this film. >> i'm cheeky. >> there's a lot of full moons going on. >> that's what that character did. he would always flash his wife. there's a lot of mooning going on. what about keb hart? he's back in l.a. the two were spotted. or should we say they made an appearance together since the first news of the alleged extortion plot broke. they want you to know there won't be a breakup. >> these days get long. it's good to come home to somebody who understands that. >> reporter: there is absolutely though divorce talk. that reportedly is eniko's stance as tmz has identified the woman kevin allegedly messed around with as a "traveling stripper." a source tells "people" eniko is aware that kevin has been
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accused of being a ladies' man. she doesn't care. he is her husband and he always comes home to her. >> i'm not perfect. bad things can happen. and they did. >> reporter: three days after his apology, he reunited with his nearly 8-month pregnant wife. taking a break from filming in georgia. the couple went out to lunch. >> great to see you guys together. >> thank you, man. >> kevin are you going to work it out together? >> appreciate you guys. >> reporter: so can kevin's reputation survive the scandal of the 4:47 extortion video? remember, the man worth a reported $120 million built his brand on his comedy routine. and he's never been shy about his cheating past. >> yes, people, i cheated. am i ashamed of it? no. no, i'm not. do i wish that i could take it back? no, no i don't. don't cheat. whatever. >> whatever he needs to do to keep his family together.
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let's move on to reese witherspoon. topping tonight's "know and tell" reese's morning after. >> congratulations, reese. >> reporter: yesterday, the emmy-winner jetted out of l.a. with look-alike daughter ava. both in sunglasses after hitting up the hbo afterparty just hours earlier. what are you going to do to celebrate? >> hug my kids. >> reporter: she and 18-year-old ava entered l.a.x. through american's first class area. but waited for tsa like everyone else. next, an emmy winner shaken. >> there was just an earthquake. >> reporter: sterling k. brown took to instagram with wife ryan after a widely felt tremor hit l.a. last night. a little scared, but not hurt, the pair reflected on the other big event just the night before. >> but it's the day after the emmys. we had a good night last night. it's okay that we got played off. i got chance to tell my wife how much i love her. i love you. >> reporter: now, to berlin, for ryan and harrison throwing shade.
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>> um -- what's his name? >> ryan. it's ryan. >> geez, i thought it was brian all this time. >> to work with jarrison. >> ryan. okay. i've -- >> not brian. >> sorry. sorry. >> reporter: the "blade runner 2049" co-stars teased each other at a press conference promoting the sequel. but ryan may have gotten the last laugh talking about harrison's performance in the 1982 original. >> well, i waswhen it came out. [ laughter ] >> kind of like i was 3 when you premiered on "all my children." >> how did i know that was coming from you? how did i know. >> i love you. you were at "dancing with the stars" last night. >> it was an amazing night for most of the dancers. like every season, a bit of a
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theme. i can sense the theme for season 25 this season, love is not only in the air. it's in the ballroom. ♪ >> he's amazing. >> you did good. ♪ come on, baby, that's right >> i thought she killed it out there. i know how hard she's worked at it. >> reporter: week one. and these two are already giving us some serious couple goals. vanessa's cha-cha with maks may have scored three more points than nick and peta's. but vanessa was quick to encourage her man. >> oh, baby. >> reporter: how comfortable are you wearing all this stuff? >> i'm on "dancing with the stars." i'm not going halfway. i'll be in a rhinestone onesie. >> i get to which a which in this fun number with this guy? i'm literally living out every mom's guilty pleasure. >> reporter: after the show, the parents of three celebrated with a glass of wine.
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while maks' brother val grabbed dinner with his girlfriend. troupe dancer jenna johnson. continuing the the love theme, this season, three of the contestants -- nikki bella, drew scott, and sasha pieterse -- are engaged and copped to using the show to get into shape for their nuptials. it's great prep for the first dance. >> definitely. >> reporter: and frankie muniz hinted the show is helping take his relationship in a new direction. >> i've never danced in front of anyone. not even like my girlfriend has seen me dance. >> reporter: but as for single lady barbara corcoran, well, the "shark tank" star seems perfectly happy playing the role of resident cougar. >> i'm very sexually turned on every day and that really feels good. >> i don't think they care that they got the lowest score. she's talking about how much she adores her partner, keo. >> fun to see. >> van necessary la last night, by the way, look out. >> we love her hubby, nick, too. coming up next, how emma
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stone piled on 15 pounds of muscle for her new role. plus, ten years after anna nicole's death, we're at home with her daughter, dannielynn.
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♪ she's the most inspirational person i have probably ever met outside of my mom. it was kind of a no-brainer to want to dive into her story. >> oscar-winner emma stone givers a grand slam performance as tennis great billie jean king in the upcoming film, "battle of the sexes." she's so good. another bonus, her athletic transformation. >> billie jean king. >> reporter: how did you do it? >> a lot, a lot, a lot of weight
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lifting. after three weeks, you're like, i can lift this i can do that? it becomes addictive. >> reporter: emma packed on 15 pounds of muscle for the role and won the admiration of the six-time wimbledon singles champ billie jean. a consultant on the film. what was it like the first time that you saw emma as yourself? >> it was amazing how she captured my voice. i was like, how can anyone do that so well. >> i'm done talking. let's play. >> reporter: the film is about the epic 1973 match between king and then 55-year-old bobby riggs, himself a wimbledon champ at 21. >> i'm going to put the show back in chauvinism. >> reporter: steve carrell plays riggs, who died in 1995. steve went through quite a transformation of his own. >> i read a review that talked about how bad my wig was. it wasn't a wig. it was my hair. >> reporter: the last time steve worked with emma, he played her dad in 2011's "crazy stupid love." >> here she is. the perfect girl. she's like the most delightful
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person in the world. she's so much more fun to be around than i am. you would be the first to admit that. >> reporter: she's a lot more fun to be around than you. >> thank you, thank you. >> you're welcome. you know i love you, steve. he's a lot of fun. >> you love her a little bit more. >> wow. not true. still ahead, our exclusive with anna nicole's daughter, dannielynn. what pop star does she want to set her still single dad up with? >> who would make a perfect date for your dad? plus, the insane amount of water tom brady drinks to keep this body. closed captioning provided by -- did you know when you buy
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we give a meal to a pet in need? buying your favorite bag of food at petsmart will help us reach our goal of donating more than 60 million meals to shelters and food banks. that means millions of hungry pets across the country (like this little guy) get to eat. buy any bag any size we give a meal to a pet in need. petsmart - for the love of pets. and now come celebrate our grand opening in your neighbourhood. ♪ that is halle berry many the arms of her new man. >> okay. >> he's 35-year-old british music producer alex the kid. he captioned the moment, my balance. >> we love when she's in love.
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she was without her balance last night. her co-star, channing tatum, made it a dagt night. carly steele was there. she got to the bottom of channing's ongoing war with halle. >> she say she's going to come back at you with something very hard. are you afraid? >> of course i'm afraid. halle gets you in her cross hairs, that's not fun. >> reporter: this channing versus halle dare-off just gets better and better. first off. he got you -- >> bombed. >> in front of thousands of people. not cool. >> reporter: halle killed that one. chugging a hefty half pint of whiskey at comicon. >> never thought she was going to drink it. she drank it all. it wasn't my intention to do that to her. i have to say that publicly. >> reporter: but then halle got him back. challenging him to perform "let it go" on "ellen." ♪ let it go locate it go can't
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hold me back anymore ♪ >> reporter: what was your reaction? >> i gotta do better. that was not bad enough. >> i don't know if that was el is a. that was like, kelsa. >> reporter: 4-year-old everly tatum was certainly entertained by dad's performance. >> our child think this is is normal that her father dresses up like elsa and sings "let it go." >> let's get started. >> reporter: halle and channing are new to the "the kingsman" franchise. with the addition of julianne moore and jeff bridges, the film's young star taron egerton wasn't surprised by the huge fan turnout at the premier. >> probably turning out for channing tatum, julianne moore, halle berry. maybe a bit of me, too. >> know your worth, my friend. i'm always here nor justin theroux. he was flying solo without his wife. what ninja move does he do to
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disappear from the paparazzi? we found out. >> what do you do to blend in? >> i have to go like this. baseball hats that go like this. the ones that go like this. >> my family wants to meet you. they're asian. >> they're olivia munn's family. >> oh, my gosh, look it. >> mom, mom, you remember "entertainment tonight." >> the world famous tiger mom. >> we go way back with olivia munn and her mom, kim. the 37-year-old was eager to introduce just on the the entire family. >> olivia munn brought the whole brood. >> yep. and i'm going to interrupt every interview. >> olivia is so much fun. it was ten years ago that anna nicole smith passed away and left behind her daughter. i travelled to kentucky to talk with larry birkhead and his
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little girl and how they're dealing with life after anna. what do you say to your daughter when her picture is on the magazine in the rack? shlgts we're not buying that. or the candy. >> reporter: anna nicole's daughter may have grown up as a tabloid target. but these days, dannielynn's pretty much a normal 11-year-old. she loves roller coasters. the violin. ♪ and making slime from scratch. >> whoa. >> reporter: but there's one thing extraordinary about dannielynn. it's how she uses faith to help her cope with her mother's death. >> say mommy's love. >> clearly sherks knows her mom is looking down on her. does she say anything about that? >> she had a friend whose fish died and she said, um -- she said, don't worry about your fish. it's up there with my mom. and, um -- she said, my mom's
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taking care of your fish. and it's going to be okay. and so -- you know, it wasn't scripted. not something i said to her. it was something she came up with. that's how she deals with it. i'm proud that she's who she is. ♪ happy birthday to you >> reporter: we've celebrated a lot of milestones with dannielynn over the years. this was her 3rd birthday. her 1st was with barney. >> hi, everybody. >> reporter: nearly ten years later, during my visit to their 10,000 square foot home in kentucky, dannielynn was quiet and low key. i was good at social studies. what are you good at? >> mm -- reading? >> reporter: she was the most animated when we talked about getting her single dad to date. you want him to go out with people. you're like, go out. what do you say to him? >> you should go on a date or
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i'll have to force you. >> reporter: who would make a perfect date for your dad? >> ariana grande. >> reporter: at the end of the day, you seem to have such a normal relationship. when you look at that little girl, how proud are you? >> she's a good kid. we laugh. we have the best times. she wears me out. i'm on amusement park roller coasters. she said, i told you the last time, don't hold on to me. sometimes you have to say, i gotta let you go and just -- you know, just become a -- your own person. you know. it's just tough. you know. >> here's the thing. every day larry must balance his daughter's desire to live a normal life to make sure people are not trying to exploit her. tomorrow, larry reveals anna's secret wish. coming up, what does it take to get in tom brady shape? and why his wife gisele
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approves. next. next on kron-4 news at
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eight: a rising death toll in mexico after a major earthquake rocks the country's capital. tonight, rescues are underway for those trapped beneath rubble.a single mother of two young sons is murdered and now 35 years later investigators are reopening this cold case in hopes of catching a killer. we'll talk to the victim's family i'm steve aveson. i'm pam moore. the news -- at eight -- is next.
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promo considerations provided by -- all right. before we go, new england patriots quarterback tom brady is revealing details behind his
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strict diet. >> this i want to know. it's super bowl worthy. he gave norah o'donnell some of the specifics. >> i eat a smoothie most of the time. a calorie-dense, nutrient-dense smoothie. >> reporter: smoothies for breakfast. half his body weight in water every day. and a plant-based diet. tom shares his secrets to staying fit in his new book, "the tb 12 method." he's even got wife gisele working out at his gym. >> she would say she's the number one client. >> look like gisele. perform like tom. i'm in. >> he's 40. >> bye bye. see you tomorrow. now at eight ... natscenes from mexico's deadly earthquake.building falls. whooshan all=too familiar
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sight in san break-ins and other kinds of property theft are soaring. it's a pain in the the city may be taking action. whooshan east bay murder case ... unsolved since d=n=a evidence has convinced police to reopen the cold case killing of a fremont woman.we have reaction from her son. whooshthe bay area's crowded freeways are among the worst in the nation. it is a nightmare, took an hour to get into the city today from oaklandplanners say it's only getting is the downside of economic success. you're watching kron four news in prime time. (steve) now at 8. mexico declares a state of disaster. after a seven point one earthquake kills at least 139 people. the quake's force so strong --- dozens of building collapsed. now rescuers are clawing through rubble to save trapped people.(steve) thank you for joining us i'm steve


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